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Streamlining Your Bankruptcy

I knew that I had hit rock bottom financially when I started making credit card payments with other credit cards. Before I knew it, collectors were contacting me almost hourly, and it started to get really frustrating. I knew that I had to turn things around, which is why I decided to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. My lawyer took the time to listen to my troubles and walk me through the bankruptcy process. He made everything seem much more manageable, which really helped me out. This blog is here to educate other people about how much the right bankruptcy lawyer can help.

Deeper In Debt? How To Tell When It’s Time To File For Bankruptcy

There may be nothing worse than being so far in debt that you can't get out from under it. Being in debt can affect all aspects of your professional and personal life. If you can't gain control of your finances, and debt collectors are banging at your door, you need to talk to an attorney about bankruptcy. Take a look at the list below. If any of the information applies to you, bankruptcy may be your best option right now. Read More 

The Role Of The Bankruptcy Trustee In Your Chapter 7 Case

Shortly after you file all the documents for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy court will notify you about an upcoming meeting you will have. This meeting is called a 341 meeting with creditors, and it is a meeting where you will meet the bankruptcy trustee who is responsible for your case. At this point, you probably do not know what a trustee is, so here are several things you should understand about the role the trustee plays in your case. Read More 

Common Insurance Traps To Avoid After A Car Accident

After a car accident takes place, the insurance companies of the drivers involved will be notified and will start preparing to settle the case. It is not uncommon for the at-fault driver's insurance company to contact the other driver within just a day or two of the accident happening. They do this for several key reasons, but you should understand that there are traps you can get into when talking to this insurance company. Read More 

How To Tell Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is Right For You

When filing for bankruptcy, you'll have a few options for a method that will work best for you. Each method has their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why it helps to know the differences between them. Here are some reasons why you will want to pick Chapter 13 bankruptcy to deal with your debts. You Have Joint Ownership of Property One thing you'll want to consider is how your bankruptcy will affect other people. Read More 

3 Shocking Facts About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the best ways to gain back control of your finances whether you have become ill, lost a job, or just become overwhelmed by debt. Unfortunately, most people do not fully understand the process or what the filing process actually entails. If you are considering bankruptcy, here are a few surprising facts you may want to know. You're Not the Only One Most people do not like discussing money or finances, so you may not sit around with your friends and family to talk about how well or not well you are doing financially. Read More