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Streamlining Your Bankruptcy

I knew that I had hit rock bottom financially when I started making credit card payments with other credit cards. Before I knew it, collectors were contacting me almost hourly, and it started to get really frustrating. I knew that I had to turn things around, which is why I decided to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. My lawyer took the time to listen to my troubles and walk me through the bankruptcy process. He made everything seem much more manageable, which really helped me out. This blog is here to educate other people about how much the right bankruptcy lawyer can help.

3 Tips To Help You Settle Tax Debts You Owe The IRS

Owing back taxes to the IRS is not something that will simply disappear on its own. If you are in this predicament, you will need to take the right steps to clear up this problem if you want to get the IRS off your back. The IRS has the authority to garnish your paycheck and place liens on your assets when you owe them money. Here are some tips to help you get this problem settled. Read More 

Two Ways You Can Keep Your Lottery Winnings When Filing For Bankruptcy

Your chances of winning a big-dollar lottery are incredibly small (about a 1 in 175 million chance for one popular drawing). However, people do win a variety of cash prizes in these contests. If you file for bankruptcy, though, the court may take your winnings to pay off your creditors. Here's more information about this issue and a couple of ways you may be able to retain your lottery payout. Read More 

Debt And Jail: Five Things Everyone In Debt Needs To Know

Debtor's prisons were a common feature of American civilization until the mid-1800s, but since that time, they have been abolished. Now, you can no longer be sent to prison for being in debt, but there are a few loopholes surrounding that rule, and if you are unable to pay some of your debts, you need to understand the laws around debt and prison. Here are five facts everyone with debt needs to know to protect themselves and keep themselves out of jail: Read More