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Streamlining Your Bankruptcy

I knew that I had hit rock bottom financially when I started making credit card payments with other credit cards. Before I knew it, collectors were contacting me almost hourly, and it started to get really frustrating. I knew that I had to turn things around, which is why I decided to meet with a bankruptcy attorney. My lawyer took the time to listen to my troubles and walk me through the bankruptcy process. He made everything seem much more manageable, which really helped me out. This blog is here to educate other people about how much the right bankruptcy lawyer can help.

Cornered into Foreclosure? How You Can Still Save Your Home

Sometimes situations in life are never what you expected them to be. When you lose your job, and it is all you have done for twenty years or more, it is difficult to get a job doing anything else. As such, your savings, if any, are immediately consumed by monthly bills and living expenses. After that, you are stuck trying to find a way just to keep your home. Cornered into a foreclosure, you might be tempted to let it go since there is nothing you can do- or is there? Read More 

Do You Make Too Much Money To File For Bankruptcy?

For those who are suffering from financial chaos, the decision to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy may have to come, sooner or later. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the worse your situation may become, and soon it could be evident that you are about to begin losing your property through foreclosure or repossession. If you are considering a bankruptcy filing, there are a number of provisions in place that concern income limits, so read on to learn more. Read More 

Three Reasons Bankruptcy Is A Better Option Than A Debt Consolidation Loan For Credit Card Debt

If you are burdened with credit card debt to the point where you can no longer meet your monthly obligations, you may be seeking help from one of the many debt consolidation companies whose advertisements permeate the media. But before you do this, you should consider bankruptcy. There are many reasons that bankruptcy is a better choice than a debt consolidation loan. The following are among the most important considerations: Read More 

Two Reasons Why You May Not Need To File Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool that can free you from responsibility for most, if not all, your debts. While effective, it's not always necessary to use what amounts to the nuclear option to deal with your finances. Here are two reasons why you may not need to file bankruptcy even if your creditors make feel like you do. You're Judgment Proof Possibly the top reason people may not need bankruptcy protection is they are judgment proof. Read More